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2015 is the year I _____ !

2015 is the year I ____!

I know we still have a month before it’s officially 2015  but I’m starting early.   Over the last few years I’ve started using December as my hibernation month. Since all of nature was beginning to turn inwards it made sense that I should also.   I was also tired of starting the year off “tired” and falling off my “resolutions” a week into January (more on resolutions in a later article).   I wanted to step into a new year clear, calm and in control. Who doesn’t, right?   So I started reframing the months and days leading up toContinue Reading >>


Image Inspiration Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of “reframing” or simply put changing the way we view what we’re experiencing. By shifting our internal being, the thoughts and view of our experience, we can shift our external world. What I love about reframing is it puts the control back in YOUR hands. If you don’t like the way Monday or Tuesday or any day is working out, you have the ability to shift it by reframing your experience. Try out for yourself. Approach a not so great situation with more positivity and see what happens. To your mindfulContinue Reading >>

Look within

        Image Inspiration I just got back from spending 5 days with the majestic redwoods. These trees live hundreds of years and carry within them great wisdom. I began to wonder how closely we are connected to the trees. Our inhale is their exhale and our exhale is their inhale. Through each breath we exchange wisdom. So often we look outside for answers and find ourselves spinning in circles. When we step into stillness and look within, the answers are waiting to be heard. P.S.  Last Chance to register!!!  The 21 Day Stress Detox (Holiday Edition) is officiallyContinue Reading >>

Press Pause (do it now)

One of my role models is the amazing and brilliant Arianna Huffington founder of the Huffington Post. When I had the opportunity to meet her at Wisdom 2.0 last year (in 2013) I was beyond ecstatic and inspired. When someone from Huff Post reached out to me a few weeks later to ask if I’d be interested in creating a meditation guide for their featured mindfulness app GPS for the Soul I was delighted to share my mindfulness tips (if you haven’t already, download the free app on your phone). I agreed to provide my guide within a few weeks.Continue Reading >>

Mindful Monday

Hi everyone! Happy mindful Monday! I love today’s words of wisdom. They say there is no guidebook door the game of life but I find these words do a good job summarizing how to get back our natural state of happiness. Try it out for yourself today and report back.