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Be a part of the 8% who achieve their New Year’s resolutions

Welcome back, and Happy New Year! It’s the tail end of January so saying Happy New Year is still acceptable.  I know for many of you the 1st of the year is already a distant memory but being that my purpose is to help YOU take back control, I’m going to bring you back to reality which is we’re less than 30 days into 2015 and we have an entire mind blowing year ahead of us. Cheers to that!   Now that we’re all in the present moment, let’s do a quick “resolution” check.  How are they coming along? And moreContinue Reading >>

5 ways to give presence

Still looking for that perfect gift for that perfect someone? You’re in luck! I have the perfect gifts for you to give, your time and presence. They are priceless. As we ramp up to the biggest gift giving day of the year I can’t but help but notice the chitter chatter around me. It’s not all love and laughter, more often than not I hear people say how stressed out and busy they are around this time of the year followed by “And I still need to do my christmas shopping!”. Growing up, I looked forward to decorating the christmas tree, eating deliciousContinue Reading >>