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21 December 2013
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How to harmonize with the Winter Solstice – Instructions included!

21 December 2013, Comments: 0

Following suit of nature, animals will shed excess weight in the light and start afresh and so can we. As we move through tonight’s darkness and into tomorrows light it is an opportunity to shed, let go, forgive, and release all the burdens of this past year and step into the light… feeling a little lighter.

12 October 2013
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10 foods to fall in love with

12 October 2013, Comments: 0

The leaves are beginning to change colors and so are our fruits and veggies. Delicate greens are replaced with thick- skinned orange gourds. All of nature is settling into the fall and nourishing the body and mind with seasonal foods that not only taste delicious but provide nutrients to survive and thrive during this time. Here are 10 foods you want to add to your grocery list and why.   Apples: not only do they make for delicious pies they are packed full with antioxidants and are a source of dietary fiber. Brussels sprouts: these little guys are slightly bitter inContinue Reading >>

19 August 2013
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How to develop a meditation practice – Part 2

19 August 2013, Comments: 0

To meditate is to have focused attention. There are many paths to obtaining and exercising focused attention ranging from chanting, moving, gazing, visualization, breathing and more. For the purpose of this article we will talk about breath focused meditation but keep in mind that is only one of many methods.

5 August 2013
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How to develop a meditation practice – Part 1

5 August 2013, Comments: 1

Whether you know it or not at some point in your life you have “meditated”, you have focused intently on something, you have been so consumed by the present moment that all other thoughts seem to cease, you have sat in silence staring at the wall noticing the thoughts in your mind and therefore you have meditated.

21 June 2013
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Celebrate Summer

21 June 2013, Comments: 0

   Today marks the longest day of the year and the shortest night, also known as midsummer. We have come full circle from the journey started 6 months ago at the Winter Solstice. Take a moment today to celebrate! You may be wondering… celebrate what? We often get lost in thinking that “celebrations” have to be huge milestones in life and in the process overlook the events that occur every day, I’m guilty of it myself. Solstice literally means “standing of the sun”; it’s quite humbling when I see it that way.  I think, wow – if the strongest ballContinue Reading >>