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Food Hangover

  The weekend is here, before you go out to your raging parties, I’d like to share an experience from Zoleoite’s (Zole) life last weekend, maybe we can learn a thing or two from him. It’s Sunday morning and, after a long night’s sleep, Zole wakes up with a splitting headache and body aches, feeling bloated and blah. The thought of jumping out of bed to hit the morning workout doesn’t sound as exciting today. He wonders why he went to his friend, Burgers’, party last night and more importantly what the hell happened last night. He held his head,Continue Reading >>

Q and A

  A fellow crossfitter sent us this email the other day: I wanted to say I really like your blog 🙂 It has so much great info. I’m a fellow Crossfitter here in NY. I’m trying to go from eating Zone based to more Paleo. I feel a bit lost though in terms of making a meal. I’m so used to eating dairy for protein sources and using fruits and grains for my carbs. I actually really enjoy weighing and measuring my food, it has really helped me realize portion size etc. I get confused with many Paleo bloggers; someContinue Reading >>