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Chew on this

Don’t eat so fast! Do you have a train to catch? Chew your food! How many times did you hear something like this as a kid (and now a an adult) sitting at the dinner table painfully getting through a family meal as fast as possible so you could get outside and play or plop down in front of the TV to catch the last quarter of the game. Done reflecting??? Let’s move on to the punch line… Well folks, I’m afraid to break it to you BUT your parents were giving you valuable disease fighting advice for free!!! (akaContinue Reading >>

Why do we eat beyond fullness?

I love nachos, they are delicious and when done right can be semi nutritious. With the right balance of meat, veggies, corn cheese, light cheese, a side of guacamole and no sour cream, it’s the perfect comfort food. But as I was happily enjoying my nachos I noticed that I had hit and gone way way waaaaay beyond my “happy, I’m full point”, basically I ignored the trigger and continued eating. I notice the full feeling a few times during my nacho feast and each time I pushed it over with just one more chip. I even stopped at oneContinue Reading >>

Feeding your feelings

I spent the past few days in all day meetings and am now reaping the benefits of poor eating, caffeine overdose, dehydration, lack of sleep and no exercise… I look like crap and am coughing up my lungs… lovely. I found myself eating for no reason other than that food was available and accessible. I was loading up on coffee, eating the chocolate kisses and Oreo cookies, and even found myself opening a can of Dr. Pepper that's where I drew the line, what the heck am I doing?! I realized that even though I knew better, I was fallingContinue Reading >>