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Chew on this

Don’t eat so fast! Do you have a train to catch? Chew your food! How many times did you hear something like this as a kid (and now a an adult) sitting at the dinner table painfully getting through a family meal as fast as possible so you could get outside and play or plop down in front of the TV to catch the last quarter of the game. Done reflecting??? Let’s move on to the punch line… Well folks, I’m afraid to break it to you BUT your parents were giving you valuable disease fighting advice for free!!! (akaContinue Reading >>

Protein withdrawals

It’s been about 5 days since I have had no protein in my diet, I know you all are shaking your head and wondering what the hell is wrong with me… trust me I am doing the same. As a yoga instructor, crossfitter, avid runner, and nutrition fanatic, I strive for balance. And sometimes the scale tips to one side or the other. I took on a cleanse challenge to support my yoga students in their journey, I definitely think it is a huge learning experience when eliminating foods from your diet and then reintegrating. It allows you to betterContinue Reading >>

At the top, there’s Cobb Salad

The other day, I ate lunch at Gap Inc. headquarters in San Francisco. It happens to be on the top floor, and it’s beautiful. I was surprised to see their cafeteria serve grass-fed beef and poultry as well as EVERYTHING being organic. I default to the Cobb Salad, because in most cafeterias it’s the one dish that you’ll find with that’s gluten-free (minus the croutons), high in protein, no lectins, and actually fills you up! If you’re struggling with living a Zoleo lifestyle with a busy schedule or on the road, check out the fast food survival guide in ourContinue Reading >>

Clay’s Concoction

I was chatting with Clay one day and he told me that he has been doing great at getting his daily dose of fruits and veggies, how? Through juicing! I have to say I am quite impressed with how far Clay has come along in revamping his nutrition lifestyle. The first time I ever did a consult with him, he squirmed at the thought of eating broccoli and now it’s a part of his juicing concoctions along with spinach, ginger, carrots, and more! Congrats Clay! Juicing is a great way to get some vital nutrients into your nutrition plan, howeverContinue Reading >>

Slow Food Nation

Slow Food, a growing grassroots movement has picked up momentum over the last few years. The slow food movement was founded in 1989 in response to the fast food companies taking over the nation and the world.  Today they have grown to over 100,000 members spanning 132 countries. Their motto is “good, clean, and fair” and promote responsible food manufacturing, preparation, and eating. It is completely organic and everything that fast food is not. We believe that the food we eat should taste good; that it should be produced in a clean way that does not harm the environment, animalContinue Reading >>