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Holiday tips and tricks

The Halloween costumes are packed away, the candy wrappers are cleaned up and out of site, and the holiday season is officially in full effect.  Although it feels like you have gained 5-10 lbs. over the holidays, studies show that the average weight gain is only about a pound or two. Seems harmless right? Wrong! Most people never lose the pound they gain and over time the pound add up. More importantly holiday behaviors can spike up stress levels, throw a wrench in exercise habits, and increase gluttony, overall leaving your body feeling exhausted and more susceptible to disease. ButContinue Reading >>

7 Tips to get your family to Nutritionize with you!

When you walk out of a CrossFit Nutrition seminar, you usually feel empowered and excited to take on healthy living. When you get home however, you are hit with the WALL of a changed reality. You open the pantry, and see nothing but gluten-based products. In the fridge you notice that nearly every beverage is full of liquid sugar, and the 2 month old pack of Bologna is the closest thing to a lean protein you can see, and nothing is green. The cupboard is stacked with processed foods, high in sugar, high in saturated fat, and where the heckContinue Reading >>

The Dark Side of Costco, and the tools to Nutritionize your Kids!

I have to be honest that without my wife supporting me in living a healthy lifestyle, I probably wouldn’t be. She’s amazing when it comes to preparing greens and lean meats and always having them available for me and the kids. Getting kids to eat healthy is tough, and getting them to go paleo is even harder. So my wife and I had an agreement that the kids would NOT go paleo, however they would ALWAYS have balanced meals (1/3 protein, 2/3 carbs, and a moderate amount of fat). This has worked quite well since our kids usually get toContinue Reading >>