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10 foods to fall in love with

The leaves are beginning to change colors and so are our fruits and veggies. Delicate greens are replaced with thick- skinned orange gourds. All of nature is settling into the fall and nourishing the body and mind with seasonal foods that not only taste delicious but provide nutrients to survive and thrive during this time. Here are 10 foods you want to add to your grocery list and why.   Apples: not only do they make for delicious pies they are packed full with antioxidants and are a source of dietary fiber. Brussels sprouts: these little guys are slightly bitter inContinue Reading >>

Summer Meltdown: 4 Week Nutrition Lifestyle Challenge

Summer is officially set to start on Friday June 21st… it’s time to reveal you beach body, run marathons, cycle cities, swim oceans, and just get outdoors to play… Are you ready for the meltdown?  Join me and the Max Fitness Crossfit team for a 4 week Nutrition and Lifestyle challenge to equip you with the tools you need to look, feel, and perform better. This is NOT a diet… it’s a lifestyle. If you’ve been working your ass off in the gym or in your sport and still not budging in “look, feel, and perform better” arena then it’sContinue Reading >>

Is your plate “in style” this season?

Spring is here, have you traded out your winter hues for a fresh new palette? I hear the fashion trend for this season is big, bold, vibrant, and all about self -expression! The fashion gurus call it “balancing act”. Thing vibrant blue, fierce fuchsia, poppy red, and zesty yellow. Simply imagining these colors is energizing my soul. So what does this have to do wellness? Our self-expression in the form of colors and styles releases those feel good hormones boosting us from the inside out. Next times you’re feeling blue put on something vibrant and fun and see how youContinue Reading >>

Herbs. Spices. Amazing Health Benefits.

Spices have been a staple in my Indian upbringing. As much as I used to try and wash the smell of spices out of my skin I have come to embrace the infusion of  spice in my life. This New Year I decided to add “spice” to my list of explorations. Coincidentally (or not) a fellow nutritionist reached out to me to see if Nutritionize! would be interested in publishing a guest post on spices… my response….uhhh YAH! Hope you enjoy this article on the benefit of herbs and spices by guest blogger Rose Baker from The Spice House. IContinue Reading >>

Top 10 Fashionable Fall Foods

Last weekend on Saturday September 22nd marked one my favorite Celestial events the Autumn Equinox. Most of know this as the end of summer and the start of fall. On Saturday we spent equal amount of time in the sunlight and darkness and moving forward the Sun begins to rise later and the nightfall earlier, hence shorter days. Although we live in a day and age where we mostly avoid the affect of this seasonal shift by simply turning on lights and putting on our Ugg boots and coats, our primal bodies are deeply connected to the path of the Sun.ManyContinue Reading >>