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DIY Organic Pesticides

It’s spring week on Nutritionize and a great time to get outdoors and into the garden. Have you ever wondered what to do about those pesky pests that prey on your precious plants? Pesticides are toxic to the plants and everyone that comes into contact with them (you and your furry family members). Today we bring back Rose Baker as our guest blogger ( I told you you’d be seeing more of her). She is all about DIY tips to concocting your own “organic pesticides” using ingredients fresh from your kitchen. Share your tips in the comments!   If youContinue Reading >>

Spring Clearing

The Spring Equinox of March 20th marked the first day of Spring (my favorite season) but I still find it hard to believe that it’s already March… 2013… When did that happen? Do you ever find yourself saying the infamous words “time flies”… I certainly do and it’s not always because I’m having fun. The reality is time is ALWAYS moving… FORWARD. There have been moments these last few months where I wish I could turn back time and other moments I wish I had the super power to freeze time and revel a little while longer in the simpleContinue Reading >>

Let’s Get Personal

(Previously posted Feb 2011) Bio-Individuality. I have been thinking a lot about this word and how it relates to what we eat. Before I delve into details, let me ask you a simple question: How would you feel if you are clothes shopping and the only size available is “one size fits all” and the only colors are “black or white”; there might be a very small percentage of you that are getting excited about the idea, but for the most part it would suck. Why? Because every body is different and varies in shape, size, complexion, and more. What looksContinue Reading >>

Herbs. Spices. Amazing Health Benefits.

Spices have been a staple in my Indian upbringing. As much as I used to try and wash the smell of spices out of my skin I have come to embrace the infusion of  spice in my life. This New Year I decided to add “spice” to my list of explorations. Coincidentally (or not) a fellow nutritionist reached out to me to see if Nutritionize! would be interested in publishing a guest post on spices… my response….uhhh YAH! Hope you enjoy this article on the benefit of herbs and spices by guest blogger Rose Baker from The Spice House. IContinue Reading >>

2013 Game on… It’s time to PLAY!

Welcome to 2013 everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous time celebrating the holidays and ringing in the New Year. Did you all set your goals for the year? You have until the end of the week to solidify them so take your time and if you need some help read my post on SMART goals. Every year I take some time to get away by myself and reflect on the last 365 days and set an intention for the next 365 days to come. This time of the year has a very special meaning to me where threeContinue Reading >>

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