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What is wisdom?

Living in San Francisco it’s easy to become ignorant to how the rest of the country thinks especially when talking about topics related to the mind, body, and spirit. We are lucky to live in a spiritual mecca but it can often be sheltering as well. A few weeks ago was Wisdom Week in San Francisco. A whole week dedicated to Wisdom 2.0 activities across the Silicon Valley leading up to the largest Wisdom conference in the country. I attended Wisdom 2.0 for the first time last year in 2013, it was eye-opening. Not only did the speakers, break outContinue Reading >>

Stepping into spring… In silence

We’ve sprung forward with our clocks and pollen has officially taken over the air (source: my itchy eyes and scratchy throat). It can only mean one thing… Spring is here! Although seasonal shifts happen slowly over time, today’s equinox marks the first day of spring, and once again we will have equal amounts of daylight and nightfall as we move forward to longer days taking us into summer. Seasons influence everything from the food we eat, the clothes we we wear, activities we plan and even the thoughts and goals we nourish. Just like anything else, our thoughts and lifeContinue Reading >>

Life lessons learned from Mt. Kilimanjaro

Happy New Year! I hope the start of this year is treating you well. I feel this is going to be an amazing, life changing, year. It’s already gotten off to an epic start… Last month I told you I was heading out for an African Adventure and to do something that scares me. For me, that something was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, a 19,340 free standing mountain in Tanzania! Yes, I know it sounds crazy but once I was at the base of the mountain I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. And guess what…. This was my initial reaction to the adventureContinue Reading >>

What are you afraid of?

I once heard that when you are faced with something that makes your palms sweat, and your nerves fire that’s when you are living life. Stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy, but once you do it you realize how much more is waiting on the other side of that zone.

How to harmonize with the Winter Solstice – Instructions included!

Following suit of nature, animals will shed excess weight in the light and start afresh and so can we. As we move through tonight’s darkness and into tomorrows light it is an opportunity to shed, let go, forgive, and release all the burdens of this past year and step into the light… feeling a little lighter.

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