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Guest Post: Let’s Make Nutrition Simple, by Dr. Joe Kosterich

Our first guest blog post! Dr. Joe is a doctor based in Australia that we’ve been keeping in touch with for a while via Twitter. His philosophy is very similar to ours, and he has a great website called Do It Yourself Health. It’s an honor to have you here Joe! Let’s Make Nutrition Simple – By Dr. Joe Kosterich It is quite remarkable that something so basic as what we should eat has become so incredibly complicated. To say that there are contradictory messages out there is an understatement. If one looks at nature, the proverbial lion “in theContinue Reading >>

Lectins: little trouble makers

The following questions were posted to comments the other day: I thought lectin was mostly risky with uncooked beans, but thought canned ones were fine? Also, isn’t lectin present in raw tomatoes? Are string beans considered beans? Lectins also known as “sticky proteins” are just that. Lectins are types of proteins commonly found in foods such as fruits, vegetables, and seafood, but especially grains, beans and seeds. They are present in about 30 percent of the American diet and about 5% of the lectins we eat will enter our circulation. Lectins provide the way for one molecule to stick toContinue Reading >>

Tips for Making a Great Salad

One of the easiest ways to stay Zoleo when you’re eating out is to get a salad. Unfortunately salads are a BIG trap that causes people to fall of FAST due to intense hunger when they first start doing Zoleo. Salads are great because they’re fresh, and have lots of great stuff in them, and when you throw a piece of chicken or fish on top, you have a super healthy meal (although usually not balanced). However, most salad portions you can build or buy simply don’t have enough carbohydrate volume at a macronutrient level to provide what your bodyContinue Reading >>

Gingerly love

As a kid, whenever I came home with scrapes, cuts, and colds I remember having to wait in the kitchen to get medicine. Instead of opening up the medicine cabinet, my parents would open up the refrigerator and spice box and pull together some concoction that I either had to gulp down or was applied to my scraped up leg. This was long before “organic”, “natural”, “ayurveda” and other terms were buzz words, however the concept of “food is a drug” has been an age old philosophy in India and other parts of the world for generation. Through my ownContinue Reading >>

Tweet What You Eat!

One of the key Zoleo “Pillars of Power” that really get you going on a healthy lifestyle is to SHARE what you’re up to – with everyone. This should involve the traditional talking to people. In addition to that, consider tweeting what you eat! It works. If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you’ll notice that we’ll tweet almost every meal that we eat (lately we’ve lagged since I was at a conference last week). We tweet when we’re going Zoleo, and when we’re totally blowing it! We tweet everything we eat in a day.  I find this has reallyContinue Reading >>

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