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Chicken Lettuce Wraps

I saw this recipe over on EveryDay Paleo, and it looked so awesome that I had to re-post it here. Sarah runs that sits and is a CrossFit trainer, wife and mother of three. She posts tons of great recipes that are great for families, or anyone. Definitely check out her site! Without further adieux: Chicken Lettuce Wraps (reposted from EveryDay Paleo) Chicken mixture 4-5 chicken breasts 3 tbsp of Tamari Wheat Free soy sauce 1/2 cup chicken broth garlic powder to taste 2 zucchini diced 6-8 mushrooms diced sesame oil Condiments 1 head iceberg lettuce cored and leaves removedContinue Reading >>

Bye bye body Fat

Last week Nutritionize brought out the Fitness Wave dunk truck to MHF and had about 15 people from around the area get dunked. Hydrostatic testing is considered the “gold standard” when it comes to calculating body fat%; it is reliable, accurate, and repeatable. It works by measuring the amount of water you displace when you first enter the tank. Then uses a specific equation, based on the following principles, to calculate body fat based on your body density: The density of fat mass and fat-free mass are constant Lean tissue is more dense than water Fat tissue is less denseContinue Reading >>

If You Don’t Prevent Hypoglycemia Using Fitness Exercises Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

We absolutely love having guest bloggers drop by. Su Rollins pinged us to share her article about the most common questions related to diabetes and hypoglycemia prevention as well. Article below, thanks Su! If You Don’t Prevent Hypoglycemia Using Fitness Exercises Now, You’ll hate Yourself Later What effect does exercise have on glucose levels? You can easily manage diabetes if you engage in an exercise program for it. This is because exercise has a great effect for the glucose levels of those who are suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Take for example, energy that is found in your muscles areContinue Reading >>

One Potato…Two Potato…Three Potato…Sweet Potato?

  After completing a ridiculously crazy and exhausting WOD, your body could use a great post-workout carbohydrate source that provides you with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Depending on your level of strictness w/ the Paleo diet, some of you may benefit from this, and then again, some of you may look elsewhere. If you are die-hard like Loren Cordain’s Paleo Diet, you may agree that sweet potatoes should not be consumed because of its high number on the glycemic index; however, nutrition and Paleo expert, Rob Wolff, mentions that sweet potatoes have the abilities to reduce your blood sugarContinue Reading >>

Nutritionize for NorCal Sectionals

  The NorCal Sectionals are just a day away and we are looking forward to seeing some fantastic performances. Folks have been training hard for weeks, and with just a day left one of the most important factors that will determine coming in first or last is NUTRITION! You have been eating well over the past few weeks with proper food balancing, post wo recovery, hydration, and supplements but today and tomorrow are the days where you have to be on point. Most often competing athletes let their nerves get the best of them and overlook sleep, hydration, and food…Continue Reading >>

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