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Bliss Retreat Recap

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30 November 2014, Comments: 1

A couple weeks ago I wrote about spending time with the Redwood trees and breathing with them. It’s not my typical Saturday afternoon activity, although it might become one now. I  actually went to the redwoods for a retreat, but not just any retreat, it was a Business, Brilliance, and Bliss retreat offered by dear friend and coach Tracy Lee Jones.

Not only did we have an amazing space we were also surrounded by amazing people. Women from all over the world came to the redwoods with one purpose to co-create something BIG. In the last two years I’ve really learned the power of the collective feminine. And to be around this energy is inspiring and invigorating. I finished each day with my heart full of gratitude and my being empowered to be all that I can.

I go on a lot of retreats and workshops but there was something unique about this retreat that tapped into the inner creative. This retreat was designed to make you step out of your comfort zone BIG TIME.  Why? Because it’s in this space that the creative energy lives. When we are prim and proper and trying to “look” a certain way, the creative is stifled. When we are free and fluid the creative flows.

We did 2 exercises that I never would have done before and now I can’t imagine not doing them. For me personally they were transformational and I highly recommend letting down your guard and trying these out for yourself.

1. 5 Rhythms Dance : The music started playing and immediately I started moving in all sorts of funky dynamic waves. At first I was a little klunky, I realized I hadn’t danced in a while, but after 20 minutes all 20 ladies were rocking it out, screaming, laughing, and playing. Anything lingering stress or stuck emotions melted away. I’m definitely adding dance to the stress detox program.

2. Forest Bathing : Now this was something I hadn’t done before. Forest bathing is something similar to aromatherapy, natures version of it. Trees emit a chemical called phytoncides which boost immunity , relax the mind, and open the heart. I spent 2 hours walking with the trees, stopping to have brief meditation sessions which felt like extreme wisdom downloads.

My biggest takeaway from 5 days in the redwoods: business, brilliance, and bliss do not come from staring at a computer screen 24/7,  they come from slowing down, stepping back into the body, and out of your comfort zone.  I left that weekend a different person, not because I gained new outer knowledge but rather I gained inner wisdom.

What have you tried that made you step out of your comfort zone? As always I love hearing from you so leave a quick comment below.

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