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Wisdom 2.0: What is wisdom?

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10 March 2016, Comments: 0

Wisdom 2.0 MandalaIn recent years the quest for peace, love, and happiness has grown. I have seen a rise in websites, devices, apps, and studios all focused on increasing peace, love, and happiness. What once used to be seen as “woo woo” ( I still cringe at that overused phrase) is now becoming more and more mainstream. Young companies are recognizing the benefits of a healthy mind and have integrated meditation practices into the workplace with designated meditation rooms, and a mindful corporate culture.

In my personal opinion, it’s about time. It’s no secret that the mind is a powerful system and if left unmanaged it can self destruct leaving it’s being in immense pain and suffering. Our bodies are carefully designed intelligent beings that carry within them a survival blueprint, a sort of inner wisdom if you will, that is our fountain of life.

This inner wisdom has now sparked the curiosity of people all over the world. Researchers, health professionals, fortune 500’s, entrepreneurs, parents, teachers, techies, and more.

What is this wisdom? How do tap into it? How do we get more? What do we do it? Are we destroying it? Are we destroying ourselves?

Questions such as these are more were explored at the fast growing Wisdom 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. I first attended Wisdom 2.0 when it was in it’s 3rd year, in 2012, with 700 other curious minds interested in ancient wisdom in a modern world. Now in it’s 7th year, the conference was attended by over 2400 people from all over the world.

This year I had the opportunity to experience Wisdom 2.0 a bit more up close and personal, as a volunteer. It was also an opportunity for me to practice the art of wisdom in the form of gratitude and acceptance. There were many speakers I wanted to hear from but as a volunteer I was required to work the break out session in one room for the entire day.

Some of the speakers assigned to my room I had heard of before, others were completely foreign to me, however ALL left me touched, moved, and inspired. Each one delivered a message that seemed to inform a challenge I was either struggling with or interested in exploring.

Talking to people at the conference, I heard a lot of opinions about what did and didn’t resonate and what was good and not good. For me the conference was transformational, because I chose for it to be, it was wisdom in action.

So, it begs the question…

What is wisdom? 

It is seeing things as they are, without judgement and ego. Wisdom is about expanding the senses and hearing what needs to be heard to nourish YOU. Wisdom is subjective, it cannot fit into a box or a simple definition. It is unique to each individual, and must be explored at that level.

Conferences such as Wisdom 2.0, along with the number of other resources and services including mine are here to support the individual exploration, they are simply a guide back to your intelligent blueprint.

Pictures, videos and my inspirations from wisdom 2.0 can be found here. 



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