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Wisdom 2.0 Recap

24 February 2016, Comments: 0

It’s my fourth year attending the Wisdom 2.0 conference, since I attended in 2012 I’ve made an effort to experience this conference from a different lens each year.I’ve been an attendee, I’ve been a facilitator in the un-conference at Google, leading a conversation on PLAY in the workplace, and this year I am a volunteer.

I spent the opening day, Saturday, supporting the AV team and the speakers in one of the breakout rooms and had the opportunity to hear some inspiring conversations. What I enjoy most about conferences like this one, is the energy created by like minded individuals motivated to ignite transformation.

Community is a piece of the well being puzzle that often gets overlooked, I’ve made a conscious effort since the beginning of 2015 to focus more on community, and I was happy to be surrounded by my tribe at the wisdom conference.

The conference is held in San Francisco every February, I encourage you to attend if you can.

Here are the highlights.

wisdom volunteer

Official volunteer badge and t-shirt. Happy to give back and support this production.



The Monks of Drepung Loseling mindfully creating the wisdom 2.0 mandala



afest wisdom

Dinner with my afest tribe from all corners of the world.



Jennifer Newsom Wisdom

Jennifer Newsom shares about her new documentary The Mask You Live In, boys are more sensitive than girls at birth but socialized to be “masked”.



File Mar 10, 3 12 12 PM

Mandala is almost finished. n the mandala, the outer circle of fire usually symbolises wisdom. The ring of eight charnel grounds[15] represents the Buddhist exhortation to be always mindful of death, and the impermanence with which samsara is suffused: “such locations were utilized in order to confront and to realize the transient nature of life.

Pete Carroll Wisdom

Im a 49ers fan, but can appreciate Pete Carroll mindfulness approach to football. Go through the process of self discovery and get close to knowing who are you are.


George Mumford Wisdom

George Mumford, author of The Mindful Athlete and the not so secret anymore weapon which lead the Bulls and then the Lakers to victory. Honored to be in his presence and here him dropping wisdom bombs. Every moment leads to the moment. All those moments before lead to the next moment. The repetition allows for the moment to occur.


Neeta Bhushan Wisdom

Dancing with my soul sista Neeta Bhushan. Love is in!


Soren Wisdom

Soren Gordenhamer, founder of Wisdom 2.0, in conversation with whats next for Wisdom 2.0. How can we collectively evolve and grow this?


Ashanti Branch

Ashanti Branch leading the group in an exercise to see the masks they live in. We are all wearing a mask and interacting with someone elses mask. Underneath each mask is pain, a universal pain. The Ever Forward Club to provide a support group for African American and Latino males, who were not achieving to the level of their potential


mandala dismantle

All things are impermanent. Do not get attached. The dismantling of this beautiful mandala which took 3 days to create is a powerful display of impermanence.

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