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Wine and Unwind: Yoga at the winery

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19 August 2016, Comments: 0

wineand unwind


Yes, you read it correctly… my worlds of wine and yoga are finally colliding! I’m teaching a 60 minute yoga class at an amazing new winery I recently discovered nestled in the Milpitas hills. If you’re not in the bay area this weekend, don’t fret, I have a feeling this will not be my last wine and yoga adventure. If you’re interested in attending tomorrow (Saturday August 20th) you can read more and rsvp here, feel free to invite your wine and/or yoga loving friends!

Why wine and yoga?
Tasting wine is all about the subtle nuances of flavor profiles. A clear mind is just as important as a clear palette in order to taste the subtleties and nuances of great wine.

Just like wine gets better and better as it aerates, so to does the mind get better and better as it aerates.

Yoga improves the mind body connection through breath and movement, when you walk off the mat not only do you feel lighter but you also experience heightened sensitivity because your mind is able to sense the body better. Off the mat, this sensitivity boost performance in all aspects of your life whether that be physical, emotional, mental or wine tasting.  

Colliding worlds

When I first started teaching yoga in 2005, I remember feeling judged by my yogi and non yogi friends after sharing that I was in Napa for the weekend, they were shocked that I could be a yoga teacher and drink wine. Not knowing how to reconcile my “conflicting” interests I opted to keep things separate and share selectively. But as my “conflicting” interests grew with weightlifting, marathons, eating paleo, and cycling… keeping things separate became exhausting… I started to wonder if I like all of these things I’m sure someone else out there does too! In 2009 I started blurring the lines and blending yoga with my other loves through classes and workshops.

I believe Yoga is a practice that amplifies other practices. If you’re a competitive athlete then yoga will make you even better, if you’re trying to lose weight and eat better then yoga will make you a more mindful eater, if you’re inviting more happiness in your life then yoga will make you more grateful for what you have. Over the years I have truly learned that keeping my yoga life separate from my other life was a disservice not only to myself but to all of you who, this gift is not mine to keep to myself but to share with you.

Hope to see you there!

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