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Valentine’s Day Confession

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16 February 2017, Comments: 0


Hello love. How’s it going? Yesterday was February 14th and many people around the world celebrated “love day” and today… what happened today? Did the love go away? Likely not. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t always been a huge fan of Valentine’s day and it had nothing to do with whether I was single or coupled up. I just thought it was another Hallmark holiday. A day where people are “forced” to go out and buy cards, flowers, candy, and if you’re really going for some brownie points maybe a piece of jewelry. Often my guy friends would be stressed out about creating the “perfect” experience… and my girlfriends would fume with anger when expectations were not met. I felt sad about how so much tension was being generated in the name of love, and therefore opted out of valentines day.

On the other extreme I thought why do we need a “day” to dedicate to love, it should be year round.

Over the years though I’ve grown and evolved and have come to appreciate a different perspective on Valentine’s day… aka heart day… aka lovers day.

Of course love should be nourished and cultivated every moment of everyday but Valentine’s day is a reminder to reflect on love and express gratitude for the love in your life and truly appreciate it. Love shows up in the simple little things. If we express love to our friends, family, colleagues, and most importantly to ourselves then we create space for deep and fulfilling connections… this creates a ripple effect… and it expands the love bubble of life.

Why stop after a day though? Make it a lover’s week or month or even a year. Do something nice for someone, be kind, be generous. Most of all, don’t forget self love, its often easier to love out vs. in… Create a reminder in your phone to tell yourself that you love you… schedule it randomly and experience the joy of having a reminder notification that says “I love you ❤”

Let your heart wall down and let your love shine bright.






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