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Travel Diaries: To road trip or fly, that is the question?

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13 August 2017, Comments: 0

It’s day 13 of my monthly experiment and if you look back you will not see 13 posts, yup I fell off the challenge however just like any challenge or lifestyle plan you’re just a <insert activity> in this case a post away from getting back on. We used this phrase often at Nutritionize!, you’re just a meal away from getting back on track and it worked great. That little reminder can prevent you from the downward spiral and lift you back up again.

The weekend posts are about travel which has been a huge part of my life since I went on my first international service trip to India back in 2005. I had signed up to work for 2 months with a non profit that serviced NGO’s in the Mumbai. Being that I had never been to India before let alone the slums, this was quite the challenge to take on. After 2 months I had barely scratched the surface on the project I was working on so I decided to stay a bit longer. 6 months later I found myself still in mumbai with an expired visa and a life changing experience. I decided then that travel was going to be a priority on my list of life values, partially for personal growth and partially as a reminder to be deeply grateful for the life I have.

Experiencing different countries, cultures, languages, and people over the years has offered me a true vantage point to see the common phrase “we are all one ” in action.

But travel comes in various form and doesn’t always require jumping on a plan. How about a road trip? I spent the last week in Los Angeles celebrating my friends wedding and soaking in some southern california vibes. LA is a short 1 hour flight from the silicon valley and I have more than enough Southwest points waiting to be used, yet I chose to drive. Not only did I drive but I drove the scenic route which is a bit longer but well worth it. Being in a car for 6+ hours could drive people nuts, for me it’s quite therapeutic. It’s me time. I can’t go anywhere or do anything but catch up on podcasts, ponder the thoughts that ping pong back and forth in my brain, and maybe catch up on some phone calls with friends. In at time when we are all so busy and on the go, it’s nice (stress free) to have a few hours of being in one place yet still getting from point a to point b.

Plus, driving offers the flexibility to stop and take in the sea and sunset and have some delicious sushi along the way.

Delicious sushi at KanPai Sushi in Shell Beach


Ocean views along my drive



Driving or flying? What do you prefer… post to comments.

Until next time…Stay mindful my friends




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