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The New Frontier of Friendship is Here

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30 July 2016, Comments: 0


Happy Friday! What a week right? It’s extremely hot here in the Silicon Valley and my brain has been cooking. Luckily the coast isn’t too far away and I was able to cool off for a few hours.

Before you head off into a fun filled and joyous weekend I want to invite you to check out this exciting new collaboration I’m involved in called Friendtier. It literally launched today so you’re one of the first people to check it out… V.I.P. baby!

A good friend and creative goddess, Lynda Nguyen, is the brain behind this new venture. Her mission: to create a community for fulfilling friendships are formed. With a mission like that, I was honored when she asked me to be a guest blogger for the site.

Research shows that fulfilling friendships are a key component of optimal well-being. But where do you find these fulfilling friendships? Just like all things in life, friendships go through growing pains, some make it and others don’t, and rightly so. We are growing, evolving beings and as we change so do the relationships in our life. As some relationships leave our life it’s important to add others.

Our life experiences and growth comes from interacting with other people and collaborating on life. Not to say you need stock up on friends but rather dig deep into friends and develop more fulfilling connections.

I can’t wait to connect and collaborate with other awesome people on Friendtier and watch it grow into the new frontier of friendships.

Hop on over to Friendtier and read my latest article:
Put Down Your Device and Deepen Your Friendship

How do you connect with your friends? Post to comments…

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