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Paleo Comfort Foods

A day is bound to come when we crave the richness of certain foods that allow us to unbutton our pants and sit back and sigh in satiation. Comfort foods have gotten a bad rep over the years. When you think comfort you want grandmas mac and cheese, mom’s butter chicken, or dad’s bbq, basically foods filled with love AND the richness of major fat cals. It no longer has to be that way though. With more and more people stepping back to primal and paleo foods, comfort is getting a makeover and Julie and Charles Mayfield are part ofContinue Reading >>

Nutritionize Workshop

Nourish Me Registration

Primal Meditation

  I spent the last 5 days in complete silence at a meditation retreat in North Fork, Ca. Yup, complete silence for the entire time which means no eye contact, no gestures, no touching, and definitely no talking to anyone else there. It’s sounds painful but after about a day of twitching out from no FB and email access, the body reconnects with its primal instinct and the natural surroundings. I had a great time, just me, myself, and my monkey mind. The purpose of the retreat is to become more aware and to see things as they are, orContinue Reading >>

Be Creative.

When it comes to nourishing our bodies and mind the first things we often focus on is physical activity and nutrtition, although these are pivotal in our wellbeing they tend to be attention hogs leaving no room to consider other more subtle areas which can play a big role as well. It’s kinda like the 80/20 rule – the key is to find and work on those 20% areas which bear 80% of the fruit. One of these 20% areas is “creativity”. Remember when you were a kid and sticking your hands in paint and making a masterpiece on the wallContinue Reading >>


After a weekend of eating everything all at once I craved a simple meal. I found myself drawn to this bright green salad consisting of 3 basic ingredients: kale, quinoa, and feta. It doesn’t sound like the most filling meal but it was definitely the most “ful’filling meal. It is not the quantity of a meal but the quality that nourishes our bodies. Here is a break down of the nourishment my body recieved with each bite: Kale: This green machines is high in fiber, and packed with vitamin A, K, and C. It is a source of omega 3’sContinue Reading >>

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