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Natural “Magic Pill” for Stress Relief

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22 July 2016, Comments: 0

Last week I shared with how to create flow in your life, I hope you spent a couple minutes implementing some of the practices I introduced and are enjoying a bit more flow in your life.

Remember consistency is key.If you’re struggling to stay consistent with your practices then I invite you to investigate what is getting in the way. Is it your… Work? Kids? Spouse? Family? Friends?

You may be nodding your head “yes” to one or all of these, unfortunately it’s none of those things. It’s you. Yup, you are getting in your own way. And you have to stop.

The only reason I know that is because, I’ve been there and to be honest am still there at times. It’s human nature to blame others and look outwards vs. looking inwards. Only when we start looking inwards do things in our life truly shift and gives YOU back the control in your life.

To take a little deeper… I’d say it’s your stress that’s getting in the way. Whether you feel it or not, we all have some stress lingering around waiting to wreak havoc in our lives when we least expect it. Aside from leaving us feeling unfulfilled, when left unchecked stress can do some major short term and long term damage.

Today, I’m going to share with you my “magic pill” that
instantaneously reduces stress and makes you feel calm and in control.

Do you remember the last time you spent hours in nature?
How did you feel? Great, right?!

Richard Louv author of The Nature Principle says,
“Time spent in nature is the most cost-effective and powerful way
to counteract the burnout and sort of depression
that we feel when we sit in front of a computer all day.”

But it’s not always easy to get outdoors.
Nature is competing with your inbox and hand held devices;
more often than not, screen time wins. Answering “one more” email comes at a cost, chronic stress and eventual burnout.

Step away from the computer, and step into nature.
I promise the email will be there when you get back.
And when you can’t get outdoors, a little visualization goes a long way.

Here’s a glimpse at my magic pill… the magnificent ocean waves.
It does in minutes what would take hours of massage (and retail) therapy.
The stress melts away and what remains is calm, collected energy.

What’s your natural “magic pill”? Post to comments…


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