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Mindshift Monday: Challenge Yourself, Take A Risk

14 August 2017, Comments: 0

Welcome to another Monday, are you ready to make shift happen? 

Monday’s have gotten a bad rap in our modern society, associated with depression, anxiety and melancholy. It’s been used in phrases like: Monday Blues, Manic Monday, Ugh it’s Monday, I got a case of the Mondays…

However, our ancestors honored Mondays as it was see as Moon-day, a day that many cultures revered as auspicious and often fasted on this day. Rather than outsourcing your Monday to modern melancholy, take it back and make it matter. Every Monday you’ll find a new dose of inspiration (mantra) here as well as on Instagram with the hashtag #mindshiftmonday

Challenge yourself to take a RISK. This may sound risky, and it is… but the side effects are immense growth.

Trust me, coming from a recovering perfectionist it can be gut wrenching to do try something you’re not immediately good at. But when you commit to taking the risk, you commit to putting in the work.

You’ll either nail it or grow trying. Both are considered wins in my book.

Each time I have encountered immense growth in my life it was because I took a risk… in that moment no one else’s approval or applause mattered because it was fueled from within, and ironically everyone took notice.

Sometimes we spend a lot of time playing it safe and strategically planning our next move to wow our audience… instead take a risk and wow yourself.

This week challenge yourself to take a risk and make shift happen!

Share your risks and shifts this week on instagram, tag me livingritu and use the hashtag #mindshiftmantra to share your story. 

Stay mindful. Live well.

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