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Mindshift Monday: Be You, Unapologetically

8 August 2017, Comments: 0


Happy Monday… (on a Tuesday). At first I thought about posting this as if it were posted on Monday but that defeats the purpose of the monthly writing experiment I’m conducting. Yes, there are plenty of tricks and tips to batch posts so that they go out the day they are supposed to. I’m not averse to these techniques and I’ve used them in the past and will in the future. But the purpose of my monthly experiment is to write daily and publish daily… it requires me to make this a priority and also reflect on what took over my day when I didn’t write/publish that day. More on what happened this weekend in the next post.

Monday’s have gotten a bad rap in our modern society, associated with depression, anxiety and melancholy. It’s been used in phrases like: Monday Blues, Manic Monday, Ugh it’s Monday, I got a case of the Mondays…

However, our ancestors honored Mondays as it was see as Moon-day, a day that many cultures revered as auspicious and often fasted on this day.

In an effort to breakdown this tragic and quite stressful modern association with Mondays I created Mindshift Mondays in 2014 and posted a Mantra to reflect on and make shift happen.

Rather than outsourcing your mondays to modern melancholy, take it back and make it matter. Every Monday you’ll find a new dose of inspiration here as well as on Instagram with #mindshiftmantra.

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