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How to be a high performer

28 March 2017, Comments: 0

After 2 weeks of what seemed like living out of my car, I’m back home in the beautiful bay area. It’s feels good to be back home and have some downtime. The last couple of weeks were truly transformational on so many levels. If you follow me on social media you may have seen that I was down in Southern California spending time with one of my mentors Brendon Burchard and learning some powerful tools to be a high performer.

Over the course of 4 days Brendon dropped so many knowledge bombs that my brain was exploding… not because he was saying something profound but because he was saying something I had already heard before. See that’s the thing about this journey we call life, what is required to live it fully is to practice daily.

What Brendon often says “common sense isn’t always common practice” and I couldn’t agree more. If I peel back the layers of my sexy excuses of why I’m not doing something or why I’m dissatisfied with something, underneath I will find the truth and sometimes the truth stings especially when that truth is “you’re not doing the damn work”  – OUCH.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a dreamer and although I can do the nitty gritty, it’s not fun for me. My biggest takeaway from working with my mentor was to be consistent and do the work anyways, fun or not.

Being consistent and showing up daily to walk the journey of your life is what creates momentum and momentum creates magic.

If you’ve never attended a personal development event before I highly encourage you to do so. Regardless of whether or not you have a business, you can always up your growth game and become a better performer in the game of life.

I had a blast soaking in the San Diego sun rays, hanging out with game changers from across the globe, and living full out. My fellow tribe members even got me to step out of my comfort zone and jump on facebook live. I couldn’t have imagined a better possible way to spend 4 days.  

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So what I do the other 10 days? More to come.
What’s your growth game strategy? Post to comments…

Until next time go out there and make shift happen!








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