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Go all in and reach for it

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6 May 2016, Comments: 0

I’ve decided to go all in…and get back on my bicycle this June to ride 545 miles from SF to LA.It sounds crazy right? It did to me as well when I first heard about this charity ride back in 2005. I was finishing up grad school in LA and working in a population health research lab at the time. I had been actively involved in non profit work for some years and had worked extensively on HIV/AIDS education for young women of color. When my lab partner told me she was riding a bike 545 miles to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS around the world, I remember thinking “That’s insane!!!”

The thought that followed changed my life…

“One day i’m going to do that”. 

That one day came in 2011, when I showed up to my first ALC training ride. I didn’t really know how to “cycle” but I did know how to balance on a bike and pedal, turns out the rest can be learned… with practice and persistence.

For 6 months my bicycle and I showed up every weekend, rain or shine, ready to ride. I didn’t know how I was going to spend 7 days on a bike, it sounded intense and difficult. And guess what… it was!

It wasn’t easy by any means but I knew that I was there for a cause greater than me. I knew that in order to complete 7 days on a bike I had to go all in. Eventually I crossed the finish line and was a part of a community that raised millions of dollars and millions of minds. And this is why I’m doing it again in one month!

It can sometimes be hard to see what’s possible standing where you are. When you commit fully, go all in, and do the work you see what you didn’t see before. When you see it, you reach for it. When you reach for it, you get it.

Take a look at your life… Where can you go all in? Post to comments…

If you’d like to learn more about my ALC ride visit me personal page here. 

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