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The STRESS Detox 


Our signature program designed to help you TAKE BACK CONTROL of your life. Over 80% of U.S. adults experience chronic stress. Although stress is a necessary primal response, too much can lead to weight gain, mindless eating, unhealthy habits, lowered productivity and a loss of happiness. In this program I teach you how to identify hidden stressors, my top tools to manage stress, and how to build healthy habits. This program runs only 4 times a year. For more information click here.

New series starting November 10th

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Mindful Eating 


Nutritionize! Coaching is offered as individual or group coaching and/or group workshops. If you are looking to host a seminar at your studio or worksite contact us directly.

The Nutritionize! approach integrates mindful eating with a Paleo lifestyle. It is designed to help YOU create your personal food lifestyle because there is no ones size fits all approach. To find out more about the Nutritionize approach and programs click here

Personal Coaching 


We live in a world full of distractions competing for our attention. I’ll teach you how to develop your awareness and train your brain to stay focused. I work with busy executives, tech start ups and athletes looking to take it to the next level.  For more information contact us.


My goal is to help you TAKE BACK CONTROL of your life. I will be offering lots of free meditations and tools to get you started on your mindful journey. Check back often. To take it to the next level or for personal support join the Newsletter.