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The Zoleo Philosophy

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25 March 2010, Comments: Comments Off on The Zoleo Philosophy

Simply put,  Zoleo is the Paleo diet plus the Zone diet, minus all the crap that makes them hard. We live in a society where diet is primarily associated with weight loss and depriving oneself of food in order to achieve some airbrushed body seen in a magazine. Gone are the days when “diet” referred only to the food we ate to nourish ourselves.  Nutritionize believes that in order to achieve optimal fitness, health, and longevity we have to start by living it, therefore Zoleo is not a “diet” it truly is a “lifestyle”. Zoleo combines the key principles two proven diets Zone and Paleo in an effective and practical way that allows you to begin Nutritionizing now!

Zoleo focuses on three key principles:

1.    Insulin Management

2.    Gluten Free Eating

3.    Meal Timings

Once these three areas are dialed in everything else falls into place and you are on your way to Nutritional success.

The most important part of making Zoleo a lifestyle is integrity with your committment to living healthy. We all have busy lives with kids, events, work, social acitivities and more. Every now and then you find yourself in a situational stare down with a piece of chocolate cake or a slice of pizza, what do you? Well, if you really want it then eat it and enjoy it! If you have been Nutritionizing then you KNOW how that food is going to affect you and you are prepared . Most importantly don’t make yourself wrong for falling off, it’s a part of the plan.  Simply get right back on the next meal.

So are you ready to get started? Great! Contact us for a free consultation and take the first step to revamping your lifestyle.

If you ever have questions or need support, you can post to comments or send us a note anytime.


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