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The Challenge… Are YOU ready?

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12 January 2011, Comments: 0

New Year's Eve has come and gone, how is your resolution going? If you feel a bit embarrassed because you haven't started or have already fallen off, don't be, you are not alone. Research shows that about 80% of people who make a resolution on January 1 fall off by early February. Although change is constant, we are creatures of habit and making impactful changes takes time, patience, commitment, and community. Simply joining a sports club on January 1 will not guarantee weight loss, you actually have to go. Simply buying a diet book does not mean you will eat right; you actually have to buy the right food. You get the point. Although we are creatures of habit we are also social beings, this is evident in the ever growing world of social network and media. Change is viral and contagious. If everyone around you is eating good and working out, chances are you will too (the opposite is just as true). Building a strong community and social network around positive habits is one sure fire way of getting the results you want, just look at how Crossfit has revamped fitness. Although we can do those same workouts on their own they probably wouldn't be as impactful as doing them with a group of motivated and supportive individuals we grow to call our Crossfit family. So my point being is if you want to really change your habits find a buddy, set some goals, and make it happen. I can't re and re and reemphasize enough that 80% of how you look, feel, and perform is associated with the way you eat. Challenge yourself to eat better this year and nutritionize your life.


Looking for support, we got some for you. Join other folks with similar goals, and build a community to revamp the way you look through food. The challenge starts this Saturday January 15, 2011…


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