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Sorta like sugar… Sorta like crack.

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31 March 2011, Comments: 0

Spring is in the air… finally! Today felt like the longest day and when I finally got outdoors I knew exactly why, the weather was too gorgeous to be cooped up in 4 walls. I hope all of you have been enjoying some much needed sunshine. Not only is it a good source of Vitamin D but its food for the soul, bringing a nutritious smile to the face J

On another note, as us humans are breaking the walls to enjoy some sun, our ant counterparts may be breaking in through the walls to enjoy some shade… how about ridding them with your household SPLENDA… yup… you read correctly. The alternative sweetener that has become a household fave has a not so pleasant evolution. I am a big promoter of eat it whole… you want sugar get the real deal, you want fat… get it all. Chances are you will eat half as much. Although there are two sides to every story, this one is appalling. But as always don’t take my word for it… read on … and be your own judge.

Fun Facts about splenda:

  1. Splenda was “discovered” accidentally in a lab back in 1975 while trying to create a new insecticide (Ewww…who decided it was safe for human consumption?  Oh yeah the FDA did back in 1998).
  2. Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s will not sell Splenda or any product that contains “sucralose” because it does not fit within their code of ethics of selling “real food”.  (Thank you Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s)
  3. Sucralose, the made-up name by the manufacturer of Splenda, contains chlorinated compounds.  (Ohhh…Splenda made up the name sucralose…because anything that ends on “ose” makes it sound like yummy sugar)
  4. Chlorine is toxic and is not found in any food or table salt even though the manufacturer of Splenda will tell you it is fine. However there is chloride present in food and table salt, which is non-toxic.  (Very sneaky Splenda makers)
  5. Chlorine, (which we now know is in Splenda), has caused so much damage to human health that Greenpeace has launched a Chlorine-Free Campaign, calling for a worldwide ban on chlorine. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also maintains a strong anti-chlorine stance.  (Did you know that cancer patients have high levels of chlorine in their bodies?)
  6. If you really want some motivation for staying away from Splenda and anything that contains it (example: Weight Watchers, Atkins and South Beach, flavored waters, Crystal Light, diet drinks anything “diet” or labeled as “sugar-free”, “low in sugar” or no sugar” typically contains it. Yes, this includes your kids’ favorite “no-sugar” Hawaiian Punch) and if you are a future mother, read all about baby boys being born with shortened male anatomy due to chlorine passed to them in the womb.  (and we want to do this to our unborn children, why?)
  7. Studies show that people that consumed diet drinks were 41% more likely to be overweight than those who did not.  (so diet drinks and foods are sabatoging our weight loss efforts?  Seems like an oxymoron to me)

Get the full story here.

Do you use Splenda or real sugar? What are your thoughts?


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