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Ruffled Feathers…

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28 June 2010, Comments: 0

Drum roll please…. Introducing the newest addition to the downtown San Jose restaurant scene: Ruffled Feathers. This place is located next door to the yoga studio I teach at and has been enticing locals over the last few months; advertising fresh, organic and delicious food. I walked by today and they were finally open so I peaked in to take a look and ended up ordering a fresh eatery salad and homemade basil lemonade. I walked over to the pastry bar area to wait for my food and chatted it up with Tracy, the friendly pastry chef, who also educated on the Ruffled Feathers philosophy and gave me some free sweet samples!

This is what I learned and why I suggest visiting this place:

  • 70% of their produce ingredients are locally grown
  • Provide preservative free food
  • They have NO freezers in the restaurant therefore everything is FRESH and they reduce their carbon footprint.
  • They get whole fresh chicken that is cut and roasted as soon as it arrives, which means no frozen, thawed out chicken breast.
  • Their goal is to community oriented, socially conscious, and environmentally safe.

(Preservative free marshmallows, fresh tangerine sorbet!)

I think it’s a great concept and much needed in the South Bay. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!


They don’t yet have a website, but you can visit their facebook page. And if you haven’t done so yet, become a fan of Nutritionize! on facebook.



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