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Q and A

Category: Paleo, Portion Balance, Zone
9 April 2010, Comments: 2


A fellow crossfitter sent us this email the other day:

I wanted to say I really like your blog 🙂 It has so much great info. I’m a fellow Crossfitter here in NY. I’m trying to go from eating Zone based to more Paleo. I feel a bit lost though in terms of making a meal. I’m so used to eating dairy for protein sources and using fruits and grains for my carbs. I actually really enjoy weighing and measuring my food, it has really helped me realize portion size etc. I get confused with many Paleo bloggers; some just seem to eat all fat…not so much protein etc. I learned from the Zone; pick your protein source first, then carb then fat. I try to get in at least 80-90grams of protein a day. I also feel that because I’m a small/petite woman I can’t get away will all the fat/calories.

I feel sticking more towards Loren Cordain’s book, lean meats etc. That is why your blog has been helpful. I know many women at the gym that have tried eating Paleo and failed, due impart because they were just eating too many calories period.

I’m having a hard time with figuring out what to eat after Crossfit. I used to have a shake w/ 1% grass-fed milk, some frozen berries, whey protein powder & almond butter. Now not sure what to eat since whey protein powder and milk is out… Sure would love some advice!

Thanks for writing to us, we love getting these types of emails and always welcome the questions. First off, I think it’s great that you’ve weighed/measured your food for a while, that gives you a good foundation to eventually move to an eyeball method. Moving from Zone to Paleo can be a little challenging in the beginning because you are eliminating processed foods and trying to find substitutes for macronutrient sources. This might be why many paleoites seem to have a lot of fat and carb. However overtime it becomes easier to balance your meals. I have found that if you stay paleo and balance 1/3 protein, 2/3 carbs and a sliver of fat then you are good to go. That approach is simple and it works. There are many protein sources to choose from other than dairy, primarily meats! Deli Turkey is always a quick and easy protein solution.

Post WO recovery can vary based on your goals. The general rule of thumb is to have a solid protein source + carb (up to 2 times the normal portion). and NO FAT. This quickly replenishes your glycogen stores and accelerates muscle repair and growth. If your goal is to lean out then you will want to have less carbs, if you are leaned out and want to build then you can increase carb intake. I recommend all carbs come from a low glycemic source especially if you are leaning out. It takes some preparation to eat like this; I find it to work when my refrigerator is stocked with the necessities: meats and veggies that can be cooked quickly and packed to go. Without prep you either end up starving or binge eating the first cookie in site… at least that’s what happens to me J

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2 responses on “Q and A

  1. ask a doctor says:

    Great post, this answers all my questions.. thanks..

  2. Daron says:

    Why no fat post-WOD? Robb Wolf does protein with coconut milk after WOD’s with cocoa powder; that’s what I’ve been doing the past few months and I feel like I recover better with this concoction.

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