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Nutritionize for NorCal Sectionals

26 March 2010, Comments: 9


The NorCal Sectionals are just a day away and we are looking forward to seeing some fantastic performances. Folks have been training hard for weeks, and with just a day left one of the most important factors that will determine coming in first or last is NUTRITION! You have been eating well over the past few weeks with proper food balancing, post wo recovery, hydration, and supplements but today and tomorrow are the days where you have to be on point. Most often competing athletes let their nerves get the best of them and overlook sleep, hydration, and food… then they wonder why they didn’t perform as well. In order to optimize your performance at the sectionals do the following 3 things:

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate! (WITH WATER)

Even if you are not feeling thirsty make sure to continue drinking water. A 2% loss of body weight in fluid can actually decrease your performance by 10 to 15%! It is important to hydrate the day before the competition and continue hydrating throughout the day tomorrow, regardless of thirst! You want to hydrate with water and not depend on teas, coffee, juices, energy drinks; these will actually dehydrate you in the long term.

Meal Planning

The food you eat is your fuel for the events, it is extremely important to stick to the plan you have been on and do not try anything new or different come tomorrow, the last thing you want is a belly full of gas while you wodding! Balance out your meals today and maybe even up the carbohydrate intake, yams and sweet potatoes are great! Come competition day you will want to eat breakfast (carbs, protein, fat) and plan out snacks for the day. Post WO recovery will be the key to success so plan ahead, you want to eat real food and NOT rely on shakes to replenish glycogen levels. Stick to the meat and sweet potatoes.


Your nerves may be getting to you before the big day but you cannot afford to lose sleep over it. A sleepless night will decrease your energy level, recovery rate, muscle performance, and motivation. You have worked hard and are prepared to win so take some time tonight to relax and get to bed early. Here’s a good sleep article.

Crossfit has produced some awesome athletes, can’t wait to see you all in action tomorrow… good luck!

What is your Nutrition plan for the sectionals? Post to comments…


9 responses on “Nutritionize for NorCal Sectionals

  1. AJ says:

    Awesome post Ritu, I’m sure this will help lots of athletes perform their BEST!

  2. Will Blaker says:

    Great content guys. I love your site, check it often, and refer it to my athletes. Thanks for spreading the good word on PROPER nutrition & recovery.

  3. ritu says:

    Thanks for the support Will!

  4. Jan A. says:

    Great post!! Thanks for the helpul tips!! Also, thanks for hosting the dunk truck today!! Much appreciated:-)

  5. AJ says:

    You’re welcome, Jan. 🙂

  6. Kristy A. says:

    Great post! Great suggestions for fueling and sustaining before and during Sectionals.
    I have a question regarding fat: since the paleo/primal perhaps even zone-type diet is trying to get us fat fueled, where does fat come into play for competition nutrition? Should it be increased before the workouts like today and for breakfast tomorrow? I know fat slows digestion and we want to get those cells replenished fast, so post-wod nutrition is predominantly quick digesting protein and energy dense carb.
    Also, would today be too soon to increase the carb intake since excess will just get stored as fat and spike insulin?
    Let me know what you think. Thanks!

  7. AJ says:

    Sorry for the delay. Fat can be increased just before starting a workout, to allow for a slow release of energy during the workout.
    Consider increasing carb intake during the 30 minute post WO window with no fat to quickly replenish your glycogen stores.
    Thanks for the question!

  8. Kristy A. says:

    Thank you for the information, AJ! Makes sense!

  9. klschartier says:

    It is so important how we treat our bodies. Especially before any performances. Great post. Thanks.

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