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Nutritional Tanning

Category: seasonal
8 March 2012, Comments: 0

Spring is just around the corner with the days getting longer and the skirts getting shorter. I walked into a store the other day bundled in my scarf and jacket and found myself surrounded by shorts, skirts and bathing suits… it’s only March but the summer preparations have begun. A number of industries are driven by the summer sun one of which being the tanning industry. I can’t speak from personal experience since I’m usually hanging out in the shade trying to ration my sun time so I can make it through the summer without turning into burnt toast but for many indoor tanning is a godsend.  On average  “ten percent of Americans spend on average $300 per year to tan indoors. This equates to a total US market for tanning of over $9 billion per year, and does not include the $3 billion tanning products market.”  That’s a fair amount of cash funding a potentially cancerous situation.

Since I believe that food can work wonders then why not try food for tanning? It may not take add a few shades to you but it’ll give you a healthy glow. A recent article in BBC news suggests that “changes in fruit and vegetable consumption might be related to changes in skin tone, with more fruit and vegetables contributing to a deepening of natural red and yellow skin colouration.”  Read more…

Although these results aren’t set in stone given the small sample size, there may be some truth to it. Just another reason to eat fruits and veggies, they not only work wonders for your waist but contribute to overall health AND beauty.

Don’t just take my word for it, try it out for yourself and report back.



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