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New Year, New You!

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3 January 2011, Comments: 0


Nutritionizers, welcome to 2011! I hope you all had a very happy, safe, and satisfying holiday season. I know i did.

Nachos with lots of fat, cheese, and crap. Cookies cookies cookies. Wine. Rice and veggies. More cookies. Mashed potatoes. Pancakes. Brownies. Did I say cookies?

This is just a glimpse into what my holiday eating was like. Knowing all that I do about eating right I am still human and enticed by holiday treats. As I went to grab another cookie one day I thought to myself, why not… I am already on a downward spiral and packed on a few extra pounds, might as well indulge myself and enjoy it. And enjoy it I did. However, afterwards I felt lethargic, full and heavy which isn’t the healthiest and happiest feeling so I decided come January, like many, I am making a resolution to get back on it! The good news is it’s completely doable!

Once again, weight loss remains at the top of the popular resolutions list. Most folks sign up for gym memberships and hire personal trainers overlooking a big part of the equation- food! 80% of weight problems are due to the food people eat, not lack of exercise. Whether your goal is to look better, feel better, or perform better Nutrition is key.

Even though we all like the idea of New Year resolutions as of January 1st, studies show that they rarely last. After the holiday buzz, indulgences, and abnormal routines it takes some time for our bodies and minds to settle down and get back into the groove of things. Set your goals high but take baby steps to get there in order to make sustainable changes.

If you are looking for a way to jumpstart your resolution, join the challenge!

New Year, New You 30 Day Challenge

Why? Because, you want to be held accountable, you want a supportive community, and you want lasting effects. This program is designed to help you make more informed decisions about your food. Whether you have dabbled in diets or a newbie, you will benefit if YOU want to.

This challenge is open to everyone regardless of activity level and experience. The challenge starts January 15th, sign up here

In one word, what’s your New Year resolution?! Mine is Commitment.

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