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Monday Meditation

17 September 2012, Comments: 0

Nike was on to something when they came up with the slogan “Just do it!” when you think about it these three words together are extremely powerful. The technology era has evolved us into analytical beings who create amazing graphs and flow charts in our heads analyzing the cost benefit of almost EVERY decision and when the decision is finally made it’s too late and the funny thing is then you want that “thing” even more! You wonder why didn’t I just make the decision sooner?! Why didn’t I listen to my gut!

And there in lies the problem, the gut. The gut that is overworked and undervalued, not only does it do the difficult task of digesting mounds of processed crap we call “food” but it also plays the role of being your “inner guru”, the gut has millions of neurons and receives impulses, records experiences and responds to emotion similar to the brain. It’s no wonder your stomach is in knots when you have a big event coming up. If you listen carefully the gut tells you if a decision is right or wrong. If something doesn’t “feel” right about a decision then it probably isn’t but if you have a “hell yes” feeling then it’s probably the way to go.

Don’t forget food plays a huge role in this gut conversation, it’s simple eat bad food and get bad answers, your gut just like your brain can become foggy and unclear mixing up signals. So next time you face a decision (every minute) take a moment to check in with your gut and rather than analyzing it to death… Just do it!

As always don’t just take my word for it, try it out for yourself and report back. Post to comments…




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Ritu Riyat MPH|Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor| Yoga Therapist is a San Francisco based Health Counselor promoting universal wellness via Skype consultations, and seminars. Delivering simple techniques to add balance through food, movement, and meditation.  She is an avid cyclist, crossfitter and yogini. Her motto “food is a drug, eat responsibly”… Nutritionize now!

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