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28 November 2011, Comments: 0

After a weekend of eating everything all at once I craved a simple meal. I found myself drawn to this bright green salad consisting of 3 basic ingredients: kale, quinoa, and feta. It doesn’t sound like the most filling meal but it was definitely the most “ful’filling meal. It is not the quantity of a meal but the quality that nourishes our bodies. Here is a break down of the nourishment my body recieved with each bite:

Kale: This green machines is high in fiber, and packed with vitamin A, K, and C. It is a source of omega 3’s which serve as an anti-inflammatory agents and its a superstar in the antioxidant arena

Quinoa: My protein powerhouse with 9grams of complete protein per cup and packed with vitamin B it serves as brain food, steering clear of the blood sugar roller coaster. The complexity of this carbohydrate aids in digestion and the vitamins activate the liver and stimulate detoxification. Let’s not forget it is a favorable source of calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium.

Feta: Well, the greek eat it and its a big part of the Mediterranean diet, maybe they were on to something. Feta cheese is a great source of protein, has calcium and quite honestly tastes good. Optional of course.

To make this a super protein rich meal top it with some grilled chicken and enjoy the simplicity of these complex tastes. Your gut will thank you for giving it a vacation.

How is your meal nourishing you? Next time you eat a meal, look up the benefits of the ingredients.



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