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Food Hangover

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11 March 2011, Comments: 0


The weekend is here, before you go out to your raging parties, I’d like to share an experience from Zoleoite’s (Zole) life last weekend, maybe we can learn a thing or two from him. It’s Sunday morning and, after a long night’s sleep, Zole wakes up with a splitting headache and body aches, feeling bloated and blah. The thought of jumping out of bed to hit the morning workout doesn’t sound as exciting today. He wonders why he went to his friend, Burgers’, party last night and more importantly what the hell happened last night. He held his head, closed his eyes, and tried to piece together the night. Slowly it started coming to him, a quick mental recap included a big slice of greasy pizza, chocolate cake, he remembered having a few drinks, except a his glass contained only soda, oh and then there was the spinach dip and fresh baked bread… yum…and… hmmm…. Wait… NO ALCOHOL?! His eyes widened and he sprung out of bed at this realization. Usually he finds himself in this state after throwing back a few shots and drinks but with training season around the corner he intentionally didn’t drink an ounce of alcohol to stay on disciplined on his workouts and prevent feeling hung over and lethargic yet… here he is … hung over and lethargic. So, what happened? Well my friends, Zole just experienced his first FOOD HANGOVER. His story is slightly exaggerated to prove a point but nonetheless, there is such a thing.

Just as alcohol affects your body, causing chemical responses and imbalances including dehydration, the same way food affects your body. What happens when you abstain from alcohol for long periods of time and then go out and have a raging night? Most likely you end up hugging the porcelain throne… Your body isn’t as efficient in metabolizing the alcohol and you get “wasted” more easily. If you have been eating clean for some time then your body has adapted to the new lifestyle and is happily metabolizing what goes in without any issues… however when your throw a few wrenches in the flow (gluten, sugar, dehydration) then your body loses its efficiency and most likely you end up again hugging the porcelain throne (perhaps from a different angle).

I am not saying to go out on binges all the time to maintain alcohol and food tolerance… what I am saying is this is just another example of how what you eat affects your body and your mind. Perhaps you have been in a similar situation, as always, don’t take my word for it, but try out for yourself and report back.

Don’t forget to turn your clocks this weekend (spring forward) lose an hour of sleep  but enjoy lots more daylight!


Ritu Riyat

p.s. A quick thought and prayer out to all those that were affected by the Tsunami, although we are not personally affected here in Cali, as Obama said in his speech it is a reminder “for all our differences in culture, or language, or religion, ultimately humanity is one”



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