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Food for thought

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15 December 2009, Comments: 2

Nutrition is nourishment and we often emphasize the importance of it when it comes to the body, but what about our mind and our surroundings and everything we expose ourselves to? How we feed our brains and souls is just as important as how we feed our bodies and together will result in improved quality of life and improved performance. Have you ever noticed your performance, on inadequate sleep or after a stressful or emotionally draining day… chances are your performance suffered. Our bodies are not machines but they sure do a great job enduring a lot of shit, however imagine how much better they would respond without all that.

Aj and I both attended the Primal Blueprint seminar with Mark Sisson last week and walked away with some new insight. Something that I found interesting was the 10 Laws of Life that Sisson presented. These laws represent the foundation of civilization 10,000 years ago and if we can reprogram them into our lives now we can drastically improve health and performance.

  1. Eat lots of plants and animals
  2. Avoid poisonous things
  3. Move frequently at a slow pace
  4. Lift heavy things
  5. Sprint once in a while
  6. Get adequate sleep
  7. PLAY
  8. Get adequate sunlight
  9. Avoid stupid mistakes
  10. Use your brain

As you read through them you are probably thinking its common sense and you are correct. These laws were innate to our primal ancestors and over time, technology, and self inflicted stress we have forgotten how important these basic principles. They not only feed the body but also the brain and the soul. My favorite is PLAY, remember the last time you just went out and played a simple game of tag or hide and seek or scattegories… play allows us to release stress and let the fun shine through.

Try incorporating these laws into your lifestyle and observe how your mind and body responds.


NOTE: During the holidays we will only be posting once a week and will be back on our regular schedule starting next year. Stay tuned!

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2 responses on “Food for thought

  1. Hey, I really enjoyed reading this blog and will keep visiting on this very often. “Interesting Blog”

  2. AJ says:

    Thanks! We’re glad you enjoy it!

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