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Eating Healthy

Category: zoleo
1 June 2010, Comments: 1

These three Crossfitters are serious about their food. I joined them for
lunch at Specialty’s in Milpitas where we found lots of options to
enjoy a nutritionized balanced meal. They have nice sized salads with lots of veggie and meat varieties. I have also been noticing that more and more restaurants are providing the nutritional value for their meals. When your peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a whopping 1200 cals and full of carbohydrates, it may not look as appealing. As many of you finish off your first week of
going zoleo you may be facing a common hurdle: time and convenience.
Since this is a lifestyle I encourage you to continue visiting your
favorite food spots and take a closer look at the menu, I guarantee you
will find something that fits into the plan and still appeals to the
taste buds.

I also encourage you to share these food finds with the rest of us so we
can all savor the goodness too 🙂

For those of you taking on the 6 week challenge, don’t forget to send in your food logs.

Here are 10 tips to help you eat more healthy!

One response on “Eating Healthy

  1. PI says:

    What salads in particular would you consider healthy at Specialty’s? I pick up the Chinese Chicken Salad once in awhile and leave out the wonton strips and bread. I was looking at the nutritional info, and it appears to have less sodium than the others, and seems to be a bit more balanced. What would you recommend? I think it’s a great place to pick up coffee and a salad before going to work, I’m just not sure what to order. Thanks…

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