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CrossFit Nutrition Bloggers E-mail List

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20 April 2010, Comments: Comments Off on CrossFit Nutrition Bloggers E-mail List


As CrossFit continues to expand across the globe, so does the nutrition community that supports it.  Almost every CrossFit box we come across has started nutrition programs, run paleo contests, and/or offer nutrition consulting services to support their members. This community of enthusiasts are known as “CrossFit Nutrition Specialists”. 

CrossFit Nutrition Bloggers is our home and information hub where we can support each other to empower and enable the members of our local Crossfit communities to live healthy and perform optimally. This is a place where we can collaborate, share ideas, best practices and freely communicate..
CrossFit Nutrtition Bloggers offers writings and resources by other “CrossFitters and Nutrition Specialists” on the principles of and practices of nutrition, crossfit, performance, health, and longevity.

CrossFit Nutrtition Bloggers brings together CrossFit Nutrition Specialists who came have embraced the benefits of nutrition, and are now actively bringing it to others. CrossFit Nutrtition Bloggers is an informal private mailing list for bloggers who support crossfit athletes and affiliates in educating on nutrition lifestyle principles to increase performance, health, and longevity. Its basic purpose is to facilitate communication about matters of mutual interest such as blog worthy links, upcoming events, posts of interest, best blogging practices. It’s more specific purpose is to provide a place for challenges to be expressed and support to be provided. Together we can more effectively advocate and promote crossfit nutrition!

CrossFit Nutrtition Bloggers is not moderated, but members who violate its very basic rules will be subject to moderation, if not unsubscribed. It is managed by; they can be reached at


To join the CrossFit Nutrtition Bloggers mailing list, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must eat and advocate some variant of a paleo/zone diet. Neither total agreement with nor perfect adherence to is required. Use the 80/20 rule: broad agreement and broad adherence is sufficient.
  2. You must be Crossfit Nutrition Certified or hold a professional license (R.D., M.D, etc)
  3. You must be an active blogger on CF nutrition related issues. Meaning you blog at least twice a month. New bloggers are welcome. People that deliver seminars, provided consultations, and or other articles are welcome to join as well.

At the present time, merely lurking on CrossFit Nutrtition Bloggers is not permitted; this is to ensure the list meets the intention of the group. If you are confused or doubtful about the subscription criteria, please contact the list manager (Nutritionize) before attempting to subscribe.

Do you wish to join CrossFit Nutrtition Bloggers? To do so, you must request a subscription via this web form. The CrossFit Nutrtition Bloggers list is managed through Google Groups, so subscribing requires an account with Google. (It’s free and easy to create.) In requesting a subscription, you will be asked to confirm that you meet the criteria for membership. You can choose to receive messages as individual e-mails, to receive a daily summary or digest, or to read messages on the web.

After you subscribe, please feel free to post an introduction, including your name, location, and any other relevant personal information — as well as your blog title, URL, and a few sample posts.

List Rules

CrossFit Nutrtition Bloggers list has a few basic rules:

  • Please be friendly and professional in posts to the list. Subscribers who are rude and insulting with be removed.
  • Please respect the purpose of the list, namely the discussion of topics related to CrossFit nutrition blogging and discussing nutritional challenges being faced by your clients. CrossFit Nutrtition Bloggers is not for political debates regarding Nutrition. Subscribers, who prove disruptive, such as by posting on irrelevant topics, will be placed on moderation or removed from the list.

List Mechanics

Mail to CrossFit Nutrition bloggers should be addressed to

If you are a subscriber, you can access CrossFit Nutrition Bloggers through this web interface. There, you can peruse the archives and change your subscription.


If you have any questions about or problems with the list, please e-mail Nutritionize (


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