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Goal Setting

(FYI, long post but good read)  I, along with my CF gals (Melia and Stacey), had an amazing opportunity this past weekend to attend a Goal Coaching seminar taught by Greg Amundson and hosted at Crossfit Santa Clara. Although I only caught the last hour, I can tell you that this stuff is powerful and life changing and I am thrilled that the crossfit community is adopting it. To me it’s yoga meets crossfit (the best of my two worlds). It is how the mind influences the body and how the body responds to the mind. There is a deepContinue Reading >>

New Year, New You!

Nutritionizers, welcome to 2011! I hope you all had a very happy, safe, and satisfying holiday season. I know i did. Nachos with lots of fat, cheese, and crap. Cookies cookies cookies. Wine. Rice and veggies. More cookies. Mashed potatoes. Pancakes. Brownies. Did I say cookies? This is just a glimpse into what my holiday eating was like. Knowing all that I do about eating right I am still human and enticed by holiday treats. As I went to grab another cookie one day I thought to myself, why not… I am already on a downward spiral and packed onContinue Reading >>

Winter Greetings

Last week (December 21) was the winter solstice marking the start of winter which was welcomed with a full moon, an amazing lunar eclipse, and the longest night of the year. I love this season, even though I am not a fan of the cold, winter is a time of holiday cheer, hot cocoa, family, friends, and food! I wonder though what did the cavemen do during winter? Probably what much of nature does, hibernate and nourish. The days are short, cold, and dark and the nights long. Earlier cultures spent this time indoors or around fires eating warm nourishingContinue Reading >>

Food is a drug outside in

Did you know that much of our food (whole foods, herbs, spices, etc) have medicinal properties? The drugs that we have grown to depend on are often highly concentrated levels of some active agent found in food. I have been nursing a bad ankle sprain with rest and ice and adding an eastern touch of turmeric paste. Aside from adding a yellow orange tint to my purple and blue foot, turmeric acts as an anti- inflammatory and heating agent. Turmeric is found in many Indian foods and is responsible for staining your fingers when eating or cooking Indian food. It’sContinue Reading >>

Your taste buds are talking… are you listening?

My terrible sore throat and honey home remedy gone wrong resulting in a burned tongue have made me appreciate and inquire more about my lovely taste buds. With unlimited food options all around us we have the luxury to pick and choose the foods that will nourish not just our bodies but more so our taste buds. What is the sense of taste? How does it affect the food choices we make? How to treat your buds better? Taste- the ability to respond to dissolved molecules and ions called tastants In the west there are 5 basic tastes that weContinue Reading >>

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