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Primal Meditation

  I spent the last 5 days in complete silence at a meditation retreat in North Fork, Ca. Yup, complete silence for the entire time which means no eye contact, no gestures, no touching, and definitely no talking to anyone else there. It’s sounds painful but after about a day of twitching out from no FB and email access, the body reconnects with its primal instinct and the natural surroundings. I had a great time, just me, myself, and my monkey mind. The purpose of the retreat is to become more aware and to see things as they are, orContinue Reading >>


After a weekend of eating everything all at once I craved a simple meal. I found myself drawn to this bright green salad consisting of 3 basic ingredients: kale, quinoa, and feta. It doesn’t sound like the most filling meal but it was definitely the most “ful’filling meal. It is not the quantity of a meal but the quality that nourishes our bodies. Here is a break down of the nourishment my body recieved with each bite: Kale: This green machines is high in fiber, and packed with vitamin A, K, and C. It is a source of omega 3’sContinue Reading >>

Why do we eat beyond fullness?

I love nachos, they are delicious and when done right can be semi nutritious. With the right balance of meat, veggies, corn cheese, light cheese, a side of guacamole and no sour cream, it’s the perfect comfort food. But as I was happily enjoying my nachos I noticed that I had hit and gone way way waaaaay beyond my “happy, I’m full point”, basically I ignored the trigger and continued eating. I notice the full feeling a few times during my nacho feast and each time I pushed it over with just one more chip. I even stopped at oneContinue Reading >>

Laugh your way to life!

In all my years of teaching yoga and working with health education there is one thing that I felt needed to be tackled before eating well and exercising and that is … drum roll please…. STRESS! It’s not rocket science but it does take a certain level of awareness to recognize our state of stress. If you live and work in America then you probably have chronic stress and are most likely accustomed to it. Can you run your stress away? Perhaps. But when you finish your run the stress comes back. Can you eat your stress away? Hmm… aContinue Reading >>

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