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The CrossFit Nutrition Community

As CrossFit continues to expand across the globe, so does the nutrition community that supports it. Hundreds (maybe thousands) have attended day-long performance nutrition seminars. Many others have launched CrossFit nutrition blogs to support their communities on living healthy. Almost every CrossFit box I come across has started nutrition programs, run paleo contests, and/or offer nutrition consulting services to support their members. We can call this community of people the “CrossFit Nutrition Specialists” We’re noticing that the CrossFit Nutrition Specialist community needs a home. A place for all of us to “hang our hat” if you will, where we canContinue Reading >>

Swimmer’s Nutrition Seminar – Key Takeaways

There’s the group of star swimmers “throwin’ up the U’s” after our nutrition seminar last week. You can see a few of them holding our info packet which you can download here. They were a great group of athletes, who took the time to understand the foundation of max physical performance – nutrition! We altered our agenda slightly to address some key challenges with both being in High School and training for endurance sports like swimming. Overall it breaks down to taking the knowledge and working into a lifestyle that works for YOU. Here’s a recap of the most basicContinue Reading >>