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Goal Setting

A few months ago I had written a post on Goal Setting after attending a seminar. The last 6 months I saw this philosophy in action. I have been talking about the bike ride a lot lately, as the experience slowly settles in. True story, if someone told me a year ago that I would accomplish a goal I set out to do 10 years ago, I’d shrug my shoulders and say ehh… maybe. Don’t get me wrong I am all about the challenge, but training for the “ride” made me realize how much the challenge was about me. CallContinue Reading >>

Is your self-care being nurtured?

Regardless of what your hobbies, activities and work are, whether it is running, cycling, crossfitting, sitting at a desk, or living your daily life, an important driver in achieving your best is feeling your best. How do you get there? With a little bit of what I call self-care. Here’s a conversation I had last week, a friend of mine had just finished putting her body through an intense 125 mile bike, she finished like a champ, and then proceeded to go on with her evening which consisted of errands and more errands. When I talked to her almost 5Continue Reading >>

The calm before the storm

If you haven't noticed it's been pretty quiet around the Nutritionize blog lately. There is a lot cooking in the kitchen and I look forward to sharing it all with you soon… in the meantime take a moment to enjoy the silence. You won't be hearing too much until June, and this is a good thing. With the wealth of information at our fingertips it's easy to have info overload and face minor paralysis from the contradictory findings. One site says eat meat, another says no meat, one says splenda and another says organic brown sugar, one says excercise atleast 30 mins a day and anotherContinue Reading >>

Vitamin L … Are you getting enough of it?

Valentine's day is just around the corner and stores are geared up to make a buck or two off the hearts, chocolates, cards, roses and every commercialized representation of the hallmark holiday you can imagine. Some people patiently await this day others dread and many just think it's overly commercialized. Regardless of how you are giving it attention, this holiday is popular! Why? Because, it delivers one of the most powerful natural nourishing agents that exists- Vitamin L. Yah yah, I know it sounds corny, but it's the truth. The 4 letter word we call LOVE can be the keyContinue Reading >>

Goal Setting

(FYI, long post but good read)  I, along with my CF gals (Melia and Stacey), had an amazing opportunity this past weekend to attend a Goal Coaching seminar taught by Greg Amundson and hosted at Crossfit Santa Clara. Although I only caught the last hour, I can tell you that this stuff is powerful and life changing and I am thrilled that the crossfit community is adopting it. To me it’s yoga meets crossfit (the best of my two worlds). It is how the mind influences the body and how the body responds to the mind. There is a deepContinue Reading >>

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