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Celebrate Summer

   Today marks the longest day of the year and the shortest night, also known as midsummer. We have come full circle from the journey started 6 months ago at the Winter Solstice. Take a moment today to celebrate! You may be wondering… celebrate what? We often get lost in thinking that “celebrations” have to be huge milestones in life and in the process overlook the events that occur every day, I’m guilty of it myself. Solstice literally means “standing of the sun”; it’s quite humbling when I see it that way.  I think, wow – if the strongest ballContinue Reading >>

Summer Meltdown: 4 Week Nutrition Lifestyle Challenge

Summer is officially set to start on Friday June 21st… it’s time to reveal you beach body, run marathons, cycle cities, swim oceans, and just get outdoors to play… Are you ready for the meltdown?  Join me and the Max Fitness Crossfit team for a 4 week Nutrition and Lifestyle challenge to equip you with the tools you need to look, feel, and perform better. This is NOT a diet… it’s a lifestyle. If you’ve been working your ass off in the gym or in your sport and still not budging in “look, feel, and perform better” arena then it’sContinue Reading >>

the power of giving

I recently finished up a year long series of psychology classes at Stanford University with Kelly McGonigal, a health psychologist and yoga instructor I have followed and admired for years. I was psyched (no pun intended) to study with Kelly because she has intelligently meshed two philosophies near and dear to my heart: science and mindfulness. I can’t believe the day has finally arrived that researchers are studying, in a scientific manner, the effects of meditation and mindfulness… and showing statistically significant results of how mindfulness WORKS! Over the course of this last year we delved deep into the scienceContinue Reading >>

Upcoming Event: Spring On! Mindful Eating and Yoga Asana Workshop

Is your plate “in style” this season?

Spring is here, have you traded out your winter hues for a fresh new palette? I hear the fashion trend for this season is big, bold, vibrant, and all about self -expression! The fashion gurus call it “balancing act”. Thing vibrant blue, fierce fuchsia, poppy red, and zesty yellow. Simply imagining these colors is energizing my soul. So what does this have to do wellness? Our self-expression in the form of colors and styles releases those feel good hormones boosting us from the inside out. Next times you’re feeling blue put on something vibrant and fun and see how youContinue Reading >>

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