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Fasting (Part 2)

I had some great response to the Fasting post and lots of eager comments for part 2… here it is. Just to recap, we came to the conclusion in Part 1 that moderate fasting (when done appropriately) can be extremely beneficial to the body, mind, performance, and overall health. There are many types and styles of fasting ranging from the Hollywood, drink this gross green gunk for 10 days, version to eat nothing for 10 days. As I mentioned earlier, moderation and appropriateness is what we are striving for. Our Paleolithic ancestors did not plan fasts; instead they happened naturallyContinue Reading >>

The Journey Back from Gluttony

Yesterday was my official comeback from last week’s reckless abandon of eating. Blowing Thanksgiving dinner was part of the plan. However, what WASN’T part of the plan was blowing it all weekend like there’s no tomorrow. In addition, I didn’t hit a single WOD or play soccer all weekend. I literally sat around and ate whatever I wanted. By Sunday, I’m walking around with what feels like a brick in my stomach, and I swear my belly gained an inch. To top it off, I’m lying on the couch, and my 3 yr. old daughter comes over, pokes my tummyContinue Reading >>

Fasting (part 1)

I have wanted to write about fasting for some time now and am still gathering more and more information on it to share so it will most likely be a 2 part post. I have experimented with many different types of eating plans, influenced by learning new information, eastern philosophy, western medicine, health, and prevention and each time I have learned something new about my body. At one point I was consistently fasting one day a week and I felt great. So let’s talk understand fasting, you might be wondering why I am writing about NOT eating, I have learnedContinue Reading >>

Eating healthy on Turkey Day?

With Turkey Day almost here, are you prepared? Have you told yourself you’re going to Nutritionize, or completely blow it? Either way is totally fine. Remember, the only diet that works is one with a commitment to living healthy. On a day-to-day, minute-by-minute basis, you are making choices about what to put in your mouth. With the right knowledge (like what’s provided here), you’ll always know what choices to make to eat healthy. However, living a healthy lifestyle has NOTHING to do with knowledge. It has to do with honoring what you said. At some point, you said you wantContinue Reading >>


  Aside from stuffing the belly, and shopping, Thanksgiving is also a time to go out and watch some of your favorite movies. For many movie goers this also mean ordering a large popcorn and soda to munch on. Popcorn sounds pretty healthy, its just corn kernels, but add in some butter and salt and you might be in for some trouble! Here are a few startling facts: The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) states that some popcorn and drinks combos to consuming three McDonald’s quarter-pounders topped with 12 pats of butter. Research shows that a medium popcorn andContinue Reading >>

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