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AJ’s Blood Work, suprising results!

Getting your blood work done is the best way to measure how the food you eat affects your body. I get mine done every time I go in for a checkup, so far it’s been 3 times J. What’s really cool however is that my doctor puts the results online so I can graph the progress. Check if your doctor can do this, it’s really cool. The graph shows my results done in Feb 2005, August, 2009, and January 2010. My results showed good news, and some not so good. In August, my blood work indicated that my HDL levelsContinue Reading >>

Hungry for change???

If you haven’t yet seen the movie Food Inc. add it to your Netflix queue. This movie presents the reality of our current food industry and provides some shocking facts about what we eat. Some people stopped eating meat after watching this movie but for most it will make you think twice about where your food comes from. When you walk through the grocery store it appears that there are a million food producers out there somewhere but in reality there are only a handful and they mass market their food and slap one various labels which only makes themContinue Reading >>

Finding the Perfect Protein for Vegetarians

Yesterday I’m having drinks with co-workers, talking about nutrition (great way to NOT talk about work) and someone says something that my paleo-centric mind found completely ridiculous. She said: “If you eat beans, rice, and corn in the same meal at the same time, you get the perfect protein with all the amino acids of lean animal protein.” I had never heard this before, so I politely nodded, making a mental note to research this later (and not make her completely WRONG J) Turns out she’s onto something. If you go to Nutrition Data and look up various proteins (orContinue Reading >>


I was asked a question about the nutritional value of mushrooms, so I poked around for some facts… The mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, sounds yummy huh. Although mushrooms are often thought to have little nutritional value and in some medical systems are considered to be energy sucking due to their fungus characteristic, some varieties are actually packed with valuable vitamins. Most mushrooms are low in carbohydrate, calories, fat and sodium and are high in fiber which makes them a good addition to any meal. Mushrooms are also high in sodium processing potassium, even higherContinue Reading >>

Go Green

I was recently reading an article in a nutrition magazine about Going Green, green tea that is, the information was compelling so I want to share my findings. Green tea offers a number of health benefits and works as a nice alternative to coffee. I am sure you all have heard that tea is good, but green tea is especially good because it contains two basic components: an antioxidant (EGCG) and amino acid (L-theanine). Antioxidants do just what the name says, protect against oxidation effects and as a result reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. The amino acidContinue Reading >>

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