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Strong Girls

CFU highlighted a common complaint in their post the other day that I want to repost and expand on here, because it is THAT important. Jenna is one strong gal! To all the ladies out there ask yourself if Jenna is stronger than you. You probably said yes. Now ask youself if Jenna is bigger than you. You probably said no. Now guess how she got so strong. Hopefully you said by lifting very very heavy weights and if you did you would be right. Why am I bringing this up? I keep hearing ladies say “I know my body and if IContinue Reading >>

The Dark Side of Costco, and the tools to Nutritionize your Kids!

I have to be honest that without my wife supporting me in living a healthy lifestyle, I probably wouldn’t be. She’s amazing when it comes to preparing greens and lean meats and always having them available for me and the kids. Getting kids to eat healthy is tough, and getting them to go paleo is even harder. So my wife and I had an agreement that the kids would NOT go paleo, however they would ALWAYS have balanced meals (1/3 protein, 2/3 carbs, and a moderate amount of fat). This has worked quite well since our kids usually get toContinue Reading >>

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Meatballs?!?

Depending upon the individual, sometimes cooking in bulk can be beneficial for you. I believe the key to any successful eating lifestyle is convenience. If its there and readily available you should have no problem adhering to your it..and especially when you’re on Paleo, the easier the better, right? Of course! When you’re strapped for time, and you need to come up w/ a quick, healthy, and nutritious meal try this one on for size. Not only will it be super delicious, but it could also feed you for a few days! Bulk cooking? Let’s go! — Paleo Meatballs Note:Continue Reading >>

Q and A

  A fellow crossfitter sent us this email the other day: I wanted to say I really like your blog 🙂 It has so much great info. I’m a fellow Crossfitter here in NY. I’m trying to go from eating Zone based to more Paleo. I feel a bit lost though in terms of making a meal. I’m so used to eating dairy for protein sources and using fruits and grains for my carbs. I actually really enjoy weighing and measuring my food, it has really helped me realize portion size etc. I get confused with many Paleo bloggers; someContinue Reading >>

The CrossFit Nutrition Community

As CrossFit continues to expand across the globe, so does the nutrition community that supports it. Hundreds (maybe thousands) have attended day-long performance nutrition seminars. Many others have launched CrossFit nutrition blogs to support their communities on living healthy. Almost every CrossFit box I come across has started nutrition programs, run paleo contests, and/or offer nutrition consulting services to support their members. We can call this community of people the “CrossFit Nutrition Specialists” We’re noticing that the CrossFit Nutrition Specialist community needs a home. A place for all of us to “hang our hat” if you will, where we canContinue Reading >>

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