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Being a yogini and a crossfitter I strive to find balance in my physical workouts as well as my nutrition, sometimes this can be challenging due to differing philosophies, good thing I am always up for an experiment. The other day my Ayurvedic practitioner told me to start using ghee when cooking. My initial response was a disgusted look and the words “No that’s not going to work, what else can I do?” I have distinct childhood memories of various Indian food gatherings where the byproduct of a tasty meal was a puddle of ghee in my plate, maybe that’sContinue Reading >>

Happy Summer Solstice!!!

    Today officially marks the start of summer and the longest day of the year. If you are looking to get some rays then definitely enjoy the outdoors today. The summer solstice has been celebrated across civilizations, new and old, for years. One of the most famous celebrations pictured above is the sunrise over the Stonehenge. However these celebrations were more than an excuse to party or pray, they change of the season was and is essential to well being. Back in the day people followed the calendar very closely so they knew what to expect and how toContinue Reading >>

Recipe of the Week: Summer squash PASTA?!

Who doesn’t love Pasta? If you have been on a Paleo Lifestyle, then the thought of eating a big bowl of pasta probably sounds like a stomach ache waiting to happen. However hearty Italian food still brings some comfort and excitement to the taste buds. Well, my friends, now you can have your pasta and eat it too. With summer around the corner I am looking forward to the colorful veggies that the sunshine invites. One of my favorites is the Summer Squash. Whether it’s grilled up, steamed, sautéed or noodled, squash is full of yummy goodness. Here is anContinue Reading >>

Adios Coca Cola!!!

Its not secret that we are in the middle of a health crisis with Obesity as the number one leading cause of preventable death! The key culprit is diet. Old favorites, such as coke which has 10tsp of sugar per can, are being scrutinized for their nutritional content and health hazards. Mexico is setting the stage for a food revolution by removing coke from schools and taking a step towards preventing early onset diabetes. What I found shocking is how our bodies respond to coke. As you quench your thirst the body and brain scramble to release various hormones inContinue Reading >>

A Classic Dish w/ a Twist: Kelp Spaghetti and Meatballs

        As I’ve discussed before, cooking in bulk is the way to go.  With a dish like spaghetti and meatballs, you definitely cannot go wrong. Today, I’m bringing you a classic dish not only packed with a combination of essential proteins and carbohydrates, but it also has properties that boasts the same health properties as sea vegetables. Did I mention this dish is 100% Paleo?  Our pasta substitute is Kelp Noodles. Don’t let the name push you away from this dish. Kelp Noodles are just so versatile, you could prepare almost any Paleo meal w/ them. Fast, easy,Continue Reading >>

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