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Gobble Gobble

Hello Nutritionizers! Quick post to wish you all a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving! The holidays are a time for family and fun so strive for maintenance rather than weight loss and be kind to yourself by feeding your desires (especially when it comes to pumpkin pie!). Along with applying the basics of the Zoleo Philosophy, here are some more tips to Nutritionize your Thanksgiving feast: 1. Eat Breakfast While you might think it makes sense to save up calories for the big meal, experts say eating a small meal in the morning can give you more control over yourContinue Reading >>

The ZOLEO Philosophy

With the holidays right around the corner it’s nice to get a refresher on how to please the taste buds (and family) without jeopardizing your belly. A great place to start is with the Zoleo Philosophy. If you have come to a Nutritionize seminar then you may have heard about this new age caveman and his eating habits. Zoleo was born when a Paleo cave woman met a scale carrying Zone man. As with every relationship you take the best of both people and nurture those qualities to create something that awesome. In this case it was Zoleo. Okay enoughContinue Reading >>

Dose of NourishMEnt @ Lululemon

Nutritionize is excited to be hosted by Lululemon Santana Row for a Nutrition basics seminar. Nutrition is more than just food, it is nourishment for the mind, body and soul. Everything you take in through your ears, mouth, nose, touch, and mind is all a form of nutrition and provides some degree of nourishment or malnourishment for you. The key to thriving in life is learning how to nourish the entire being. When you eat right, exercise, and are stress free then you will also look, feel, and perform amazing! So, if you are struggling with some extra pounds orContinue Reading >>

Water Cure

  What if I told you that 2 Glasses of Water first thing in the morning can help keep the doctor away and shed those excess pounds you have been trying so hard to work off? Whether you buy it or not, it’s simple enough to give a try. Last week I picked up a fascinating book called “Your Body’s Many Cries for WATER- you’re not sick, you’re thirsty” by Dr. Batmanghelidj. In this book he thoroughly explains the linkages between dehydration and many of the chronic diseases we currently face. We already know that 80% of our bodies areContinue Reading >>

It’s time for a challenge!

    Yup, he’s back! It’s November and the holidays are around the corner. The cold weather and stress of the year end and shopping can often make us turn to food for comfort , slowly packing on some pounds and guilt.  For some, the end of summer also meant the end of healthy eating.  Let’s get back on track with a 21 day Zoleo Challenge starting NOW. It takes about 21 days to break a bad habit and to adopt a new habit. For those that have joined this challenge before, please share your wisdom and support newcomers. ThisContinue Reading >>

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